Xiaomi launches Mi Router in China – MMT

Xiaomi launches Mi Router in China 

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The company has announced the launch of 2 different versions of the MiRouter 4A and the Mi 4 Router Gigabit Ethernet Edition. These routers are available with omni-directional antennas that feature a router of the same type. If you have any issues with your support in the same router, the maximum transfer speed is 1167 Mbps. The problem is that the error connection algorithm has been used in the router so that there is a stable transmission provided to help solve this problem.

These routers can deliver speeds of up to 2.4 GHz band par 300Mbps and 5 GHz band par 867Mbps. Mi Router 4A has been used in MediaTek MT7628DA processor that is available in Gigabit Edition MediaTek MT7621A MIPS Dual Core processor is available so that it provides some speed. I have used four different rows in the router, but there are 4 types of antennas. Mi router 4A mega 64MB DDR3 RAM has been used and Gigabit Edition has 128MB of DDR3 RAM usage.

Mi Router 4A can connect to 128 devices and a Gigabit Edition Router 128 devices. The price of China Router 4A to CNY 119 (Rs 1,235 approx.) And the Mi Router Gigabit Edition was priced at CNY 169 (Rs 1,750 approx.). I have a white color in me China’s first router for China’s 19th Match The company is able to launch the international market as well.


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