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Top 5 Pollution Checker Apps

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Hi friends! This is a detailed article about Best Pollution Checker Apps. Considering the growing concerns of day-to-day pollution, it becomes necessary that we keep as much information as possible.

This can be an important thing in the direction of pollution prevention. If you know the real situation of your city’s pollution, then you will be able to save yourself better in accordance with it.

Pollution Checker Apps

For this reason, today I am going to tell you about some such awesome and Amazing Mobile Apps, which can make you easily polluting. With these apps, you can know the pollution level in the air.


Top 5 Pollution Checker Apps

Samir (Sameer), the app for Central Pollution Control Board, will show you updated statistics of Hourly Index of Air Quality Index.
This app released in the year 2016 has so far downloaded more than 50 thousand.
The special thing is that only four MB in the memory takes space. You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

Breezometer: Air Quality App

Top 5 Pollution Checker Apps

With this app, you will get instant information about air quality. It gives you such information through a map. This will tell you whether the outside air is safe for you or not.
Apart from this, it also provides useful advice to you. You will be able to know about the most effective pollutant in your area.

AirVeda-Monitor Air Quality

Top 5 Pollution Checker Apps

The airway will show you the collected data of different air quality stations installed throughout the country. With this, you can know the quality of air in your city.
Apart from this, if you are planning to go to another city, through this app you can know the quality of the air there and prepare accordingly.
If there is a lot of air pollution there, then you can go there, or you can go to such a time when there is relatively less pollution level.

Air Quality / Air Visual

Top 5 Pollution Checker Apps

This is a great app, which will show you a lot of data. On this, you can get real-time information on air pollution in more than 10,000 cities in the world.
It will also give you forecasts and weather statistics too. This app gives real-time information of six major pollutants – PM2.5, PM10, Nitrogen, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, and Sulpher Dioxide. Apart from this, it will also provide consultation related to pollution.

Air Quality: Real-Time AQI

Top 5 Pollution Checker Apps

This app is capable of showing real-time air quality index (AQI) of more than 60 countries.
It includes countries like India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan. The sources of air quality data vary according to different cities.
The statistics of the entire AQI, PM2.5, and PM10 are updated every hour on this app.

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