tik tok application no longer available in app store and play store | tik tok ban in India

The tiktok app is takedown from the Google play store and Apple App Store

tik tok application no longer available in app store and play store Recently, there have been two applications which have come under the radar of government and judicial system for various reasons. While the popular RPG game PUBG is still playing hide and seek with the government, the stalk is not very successful. Between the talks to ban this, the TikTok app has been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store today. The next hearing in the case has been fixed for April 24. This app is not available both in the App Store or App Store now

Now the TikTok app is running. Tiktok IP address and servers will be closed in India after the Delhi High Court hearing on April 24. tik tok, vigo video and all video sharing application hearing is on 24 April. Once in India, the official Tiktok Application has been banned. but yet no other video sharing has been banned. All video sharing applications will be banned in India soon. Because this video sharing application  is becoming very harmful to children. Also on April 24 a court can also be heard on pubg because pubg is also harmful for children. As news of the ban spread and the hashtag #TikTokBan began to trend on Twitter, netizens took to creating memes and jokes celebrating the decision
The Madras High Court’s directive to the Centre to ban popular social media mobile app TikTok citing “explicit disturbing content” has left several parents bewildered. Most think the “entertainment app is just for fun” and wonder whether the move will be successful in curbing the flow of inappropriate content among children.
“If the government really thinks that children are having access to vulgar content, then why just TikTok, they should ban reality shows too. What about those dancing reality shows in which kids as young as four years of aged dance to item numbers,” asks Vaishali Patil, a make-up artiste.

tiktok company statement :-
 A spokeswoman for Bytedance, which creates social and news-reading apps, declined to comment on the app store decisions, but provided a statement: “The case is still ongoing to date,” the company said. “We have faith in the Indian judicial system and we are optimistic about an outcome that would be well received by over 120 million monthly active users in India

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