PubG Royale Pass Season 8 Free Giveaway

PubG Royale Pass Season 8 Free Giveaway:-PUBG Mobile is getting new updates one after the other. Today this game is going to get 0.13.5 update. This update will add many new features to the game. Players will also get Royale Pass 8 with this update. It has also been confirmed that players have started receiving this update. By the time you get this update before you know about Royale Pass 8, which is going to be available to the users in this latest version.

PubG Royale Pass 8 Details

PUBG Mobile players will get access to 3 types of passes in it. The first of these three will be free pass. By using this, players will be able to earn Royal Points from Missions, Items, and Crates. This will increase their rank and they will be able to collect rewards. As the name suggests, the free pass will be available to all players.

Season 8 will have a second offering Elite pass. This PUBG Mobile player will have 600UC. After purchase, players will get better rewards and players will be able to quickly increase in rank through Elite missions. Using this pass, players will get rewards of 2500UC immediately. Finally, there will be the Elite Pass Plus. This will include all that is found in the Elite Pass. It will get 25 ranks with 40 percent off compared to the Elite Pass. Players will receive the rewards of the Turner 9500UC.

How To Participate In Giveaway

Hello guys! Today, we are back with new and special giveaway for you. In this, we are giving you 50 lucky winner to pub g season 8 royal pass free giveaway. Please click on the join button below and get a chance to win the pass.

PubG Royale Pass Season 8 Free Giveaway


Only 50 lucky person will be given royal pass in this giveaway. The date of the announcement of this giveaway is not yet final. After participating in this giveaway, you have to subscribe to our YouTube channel Unboxing forever and follow our Instagram id raghav_bhati31 so that you can find out the giveaway announcement date. And at the same time, you have to keep visiting our website daily, we will also keep telling you.

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