kidney stone treatment home remedy

kidney stone treatment home remedy

kidney sahi karne ke upay

While there is a need for balanced diet in kidney diseases, many formulas of Ayurveda have also been found to be effective. Therefore, ‘National Kidney Foundation and the Academy of Nutrition Medicine’ has recommended ‘Medical Nutrition Therapy’ for kidney patients. The foundation says that if the kidneys are full of herbal substances and get better diet, the disease can be controlled.

Manish Malik, nephrologist at Sir Gangaram Hospital says that this recommendation is important because recently an Indian Ayurvedic formula ‘Neeri KFT’ was found to be suitable for kidney treatment in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. This is an Ayurvedic formula but its use has seen a major improvement in kidney patients. ‘Neeri KFT’ improves the level of serum creatinine, uric acid, and electrolytes in the blood. Therefore it is being used by tonal patients on a large scale by tonal kidney transplants.

NEERI KFT has been prepared by ‘Emil Pharmaceuticals’. The president of Emil says that there is a boar called Punarnava which also cures kidney damaged cells.

Dr. Holly Kramer, a study by the Chicago-based ‘Loyola University’, said that most patients do not know what role food is in controlling diseases, hence the diet is now being made to be part of the treatment of kidney disease.

Dr. G. Professor, Nephrologist, ‘Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences’ Abraham also confirms this research. In one research he found that 42-77% of kidney patients were victims of malnutrition.

In fact, due to kidney disease, he was not taking enough food. Some were doing this by their wishes, on the advice of some family members. Abraham says that if such patients are concentrated and they get proper nutrition then the disease can be prevented from growing.

Kidney stone is a disease caused by accumulation of calcium oxalate collection in kidney, compared to women, it is more prone to kidney stone development.

To remove kidney stones, drink plenty of water. One in ten people around the world is suffering from kidney disease or disorders in some form or kidney. These disorders of kidneys eventually cause kidney failure (kidney failure).

Symptoms –

1) unbearable pain in the back and side

2) Pain while piss

3) vomiting

4) Blood in urine

5) Piss more often

6) unable to sit

7) Booze in urine

The reason for having a kidney stone –

  1. Avoid eating too much salt in the diet.
  2. High blood pressure (uncontrolled)
  3. Unbalanced diet
  4. insufficiency of water
  5. Heredity
  6. Kidney diseases
  7. Gout
  8. bowel disease

Diet that keeps kidney healthy

The kidney is the most important part of the body, if the kidney is healthy then the body is healthy. To keep the body healthy, it is very important to have good Kidney. Kidney cleanses water and blood in our body, exits toxins through stool and urine. It also builds red blood cells. The main function of the kidney is to purify blood, balance the water in the body, balance the toxins and keep the bones strong.

Ways to Keep Kidney Healthy

There is a strong relationship between diet and kidney health, so a person should adopt a high dietary style to keep kidney healthy. If your diet includes various food items such as vitamins, minerals, and all nutrients then your kidney health will also be good. To keep it fit, we must eat superfoods rich in antioxidants. By eating the right foods, kidneys along with other parts of the body also work properly.


Candy is kept alive by water and life is not possible without water. Water plays an important role in the development of the brain, from the digestive tract. Water is very important to keep the body hydrated. It also protects the kidney from infection. By drinking excess water, kidneys expand toxins from the body through urine and avoid the risk of infection in the kidneys.

Healthy kept with green vegetables

To keep the kidney healthy, it is important to include green leafy vegetables in the diet. Green vegetables contain special nutrients called carotenoid (lutein). Green leafy vegetables include spinach, spinach, salad leaf, mustard, cabbage etc.

Candy and eggs kept alive with candles

The nutrients needed to keep the kidney healthy in the egg are proteins and glutathione, which act as antioxidants to keep the kidney healthy. Most important for kidney is fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in fish.

Kenny kept with garlic and onion healthy

Sulfur is found in good quantities on garlic and onions to keep Kidney healthy. Antioxidants found in garlic reduce chances of kidney and heart problems. By rising in the morning every morning, the body becomes energetic by eating a scab of Garlic and your body remains away from the eyes as well as other diseases.

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