International Women’s Day 2019 – MMT

International Women’s Day 2019 – MMT

Articles on International Women’s Day Indian Women’s Day is celebrated and celebrated in remembrance and celebrated, all information about celebrating Women’s Day 2019

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International Women’s Day 2019

Why is international women’s day celebrated

After clicking on the Play button on Google, inspiring quotes of successful women from around the world written in the local language begin to be a slideshow

The slideshow includes Dr. Mamm Jemison, an American astronaut, and a physician, Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo, Indian boxer Mary Com, British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, among others.

Indian Women’s Day is celebrated in memory of

Every year on March 8, the world honors the women of the world by celebrating World Women’s Day
The idea of celebrating the Women’s Day came in 1909 when the American Socialist Party held a Women’s Day in New York on February 28, 1909.
A year later, the International Socialist Women’s Conference suggested that it be made an annual specialty.
In 1917, the Russian Provisional Government implemented the women’s suffrage and declared a national holiday on March 8.
For the next six decades, many socialist movements and communist countries around the world celebrated this day.

International Women’s Day 2019 Facts

In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly invited states to declare March 8 as the United Nations Day for women’s rights and world peace.
On the eve of the International Women’s Day in 2015, Chinese authorities put the five feminist workers in prison for the reason of planning to hand over stickers against sexual harassment.
China’s leaders had clearly thought that they could crush the feminist movement by shutting down five young women, but they were wrong. The news of the arrest of “Feminist Five” spread rapidly, highlighted the opposition and expression of diplomatic resentment around the world.
Facing the pressure of heavy global diplomatic and social media, the Chinese government released Leah, Zheng Churan, Wei Tingting, Wu Rongroong, and Wang Man after holding an intern for 37 days.
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