How To Become A Professional Blogger & Be Your Own Boss

How To Become A Professional Blogger & Be Your Own Boss

The way to make a profession in blogging these days blogging has emerged as a brand new career between teens. There are also many bloggers who are missing millions of rupees a month. If you want to add your name to that list then you will have to give time in blogging. It can also be a good career option for you. Initially, this is Part-Time, but if it is blogging properly then it becomes Primary Career. If I talk about myself then I have not done the right thing till date. If it worked right from the beginning of the day, then the blog’s monthly page view was definitely 10 million. It started with a lot of enthusiasm, but slowly the passion became frozen. If you want to make a career in blogging, do not make such a mistake at all.

How to Make a Career in Blogging

People often ask whether blogging is the Primary Career Option. Yes, Blogging is the Primary Career Option. But for this, it must be done like Primary Work. In this post, many things related to blogging will talk about the details in detail. Blogging is a great job. There is no such job that can increase the yield of 200 percent in a year! But, it is possible in blogging, if done right, then in a year, instead of 200, you can take a 1000 percent Growth.

The month I started blogging had earned 7 Dollars that month. But, this month is 21 June today. The earnings up to 20 June is 109.88 Dollar, whose screen shortcode is given below. Also, see how much the same period last year in the screen shortcode. The growth of 500% has been received from last year. In this month, approximately 180 to 200 Dollar will be earned. Calculate the number of percent increments. 180 Dollar is too low. If it had been done like Primary Work, then this blog should have earned more than 500 Dollars of the month.

Benefits of Blogging Career

  1. This makes itself a social network.
  2. The amount of smart work in it will be your earnings.
  3. Nobody needs to report.
  4. There is no restriction of time and place for blogging.
  5. The hobby can be made into a business.
  6. Writing Skills gets better.
  7. You can become a very good speaker.
  8. Own brand value is made.
  9. Many brands also make Approach for this advertisement.
  10. You can work with your family at home.
  11. There is enough time for yourself and for the family.

There should be some information before how to create a career in blogging.

  1. What is blogging?
  2. Why do blogging?
  3. How to create a blog.
  4. How to Blogging.
  5. When and how to invest in blogging, how and where to invest.
  6. What does success mean in blogging?
  7. 10 Important Plugins For WordPress Blog.
  8. Quality Content.
Blogging Me Career Kaise Banaye The most important thing for this is that blogging enthusiasm should not be frustrating, with the passion that Google Search should be posting, this post should be the same for the purpose. Nothing is impossible in this world. Blogging is not at all. Do you know why people are tired of working? Because that work is going on, but when you make a blogging career, you do not feel so hard to change your hobbies to work. Well, this is your own work.

Right now I work in an Overseas Man Power Company. I work for one hour in the night even after 9 to 7 in the morning, but I do not feel tired while doing this. Because this is my passion. When the passion is added to work then it is very fun working.

Mastermind Trick’s Blogging Failure

I want to share a little story with you, maybe one of you can ask, so that’s why I am telling this story. this is my story. When I started working on this blog from Oct 2018, November and December worked with the tan mind but after that, it has never worked so passionately after passionate. If I had worked with this passion, then today I do not work in any company. I am Punjab, and I want income here to stay. That’s why I had to join the job. Because of my mistakes, so far, I have not earned enough money from Adsense so that all my expenses can be met.

But now I am trying to work with the same passion for being dependent on this blog and doing it. You do not do the mistakes I made. Making a thousand dollars from a blog is a year long. I agree that this is not my fault, I will not be able to compensate for this mistake.

How To Set Blogging Goal

If I understand that if you are blogging just for money and money, then it will take a lot of time to get success. How to create a career in blogging, how to create high-quality content in the initial days only and just have to pay attention to it. Blogging can be a success with content and promotion. If there are blogging for time passes then there is no point. But, if you want to achieve something, remember one line always, “To get something, you have to lose a lot”.

Even after applying millions of rupees in business, it has to be given time from morning to evening and dream also. But there is no investment of millions of people in blogging too. But the time will be the same. Sleeping, awake, wake up, sit down should always show Blogging Success. The most urgent thing must never lose courage. Blogging has to work for just three things. If you want to become a successful blogger then correct the first two and the third will be correct and yourself. For blogging careers, it must be defined.

What do you mean by a career in blogging? Does that mean just to make a blog or to achieve something with it? As soon as the admission in the 10th is a Goal, I have to bring 80% marks and start working for it. Here also the time frame is fixed, it is a year’s time in which all syllabuses have to be read and then the board exam is given. Millions of people take exams with you, and only 80% of them are from the top and someone else also does the top. In such blogging, the time has to be set. 

How much success is needed in how much time? When there is no goal in life, nothing can happen. While reading or working in a company, you may be doing work for your salary even when you are not working. But blogging is a passion. Blogging is done on the topic in which the topic is your interest. Never go away from the passions and do not have blogging. For this, we have to work together on both Time Table and To Do List.

Patience for blogging

Sometimes it may happen that your morale breaks down. If this happens then you are also responsible. Monetize comes as soon as you create a blog. Today, blogs are made and AdSense ads apply only after publishing two content. If Adsense Approval is found, then without any timing, it sticks to it; Now while writing content, two lines were written and Adsense checked how many dollars was made. Whenever there comes a comment from any Bloggers related to Adsense Apply or approval, then I talk about traffic first. Adsense should not be applied until 1000 users per day.

Content is Key of Blogging

Content is the blog’s life. If you want to make a career in blogging, then first make a career in content when writing good content, then the user will also like it. There is a need to keep in mind something important for content, which is listed below.

  1. Must write in Post Detail.
  2. At least words should understand the complete information.
  3. Some bloggers say more than words should be posted.
  4. Think of yourself as to what kind of content you want to read.
  5. Content should be according to the heading of the post.
  6. Many times the heading is something and the content is something else.
  7. Follow the Grammar that is in the post.
  8. Use image wherever needed.

How much money you can make from blogging

This question frequently bothers me before starting the blog. It is a very good thing that this is the digestion of a good businessman that wants to know all the things before starting a business. But in the case of a blogger, it becomes very different. Spend more time in Google Analytics and Google Adsense than the time to publish content. And after the passage of time, the success ratio in Blogging is very low. Now let us explain who is such a field in which Success ratio is 100%.

If there is such a field in which the Success ratio is 100%, then definitely tell in the comment. Many people will be benefited. There are many bloggers who are less than millions in blogging. Includes more English Language Blog. But, it is not that Hindi bloggers are also not lessing Hindi bloggers are also earning. Ask those bloggers who are making good money today what they did for this. They will also reply to content, Traffic & Monetize.

Conclusion Blogging Career

Blogging should start on a Micro Niche Topic if you want to make a career in blogging in a short period of time. Ranking the Micro Niche Blog is very easy compared to the Multi Niche Blog. Keyword Domain should be taken at the time of its domain. Once you taste success, then no guide will be needed in the future. Can guide itself. Once for a blogging career, one blog will have to reach success. Asked by the owner of the Ford Car Company if your whole business is ruined, what will you do if you do not have anything left when he replies.

I will make big business in 5 years. Do you understand why they said such a thing because once they have tasted success they know the way they know? That is why it is very important to not only blogging but to succeed in life once it is very important that you have a way of success and taste.

I am hoping this text will prove to be a boon for you. if you have any questions then you may ask and comment, thanks very much!

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