Highest Paid Fitness Youtuber Of The World

Highest Paid Fitness Youtuber Of The World

Hello friends, Creating fitness is not of interest to everyone, everyone wants 6 pack abs. For this, we go to the gym and shed the hour’s sweat. Many of us are like people who are passion and make fitness and today we will talk about some of the same fitness fighters who make the highest earning money on their own bodybuilding. With YouTube creators Together we will learn about the Highest paid fitness Youtuber Of India, if you are interested in bodybuilding, gym training then it can be motivational fitness tips for you But before knowing that.

Highest Paid Fitness Youtuber Of The World
Highest Paid Fitness Youtuber Of The World

Highest Paid YouTube Channel Of The World


POPSUGAR Fitness, This is a complete fitness channel, where it is said about 6 pack ads, but not every fitness, workout and Yoga guide. This channel is trained by the famous trainer of Hollywood, and in terms of making money, it is among the highest paid channels in the world.

The monthly income of this channel is about $ 25,000 and PopSugar works with the same sponsorship and direct advertising every month.


It is the world’s highest grower Fitness Youtube channel, which is operated by Top 40 Hits with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho. blogilates channel is especially known for women workout and fitness and its program continues in Los Angeles.

If you talk about the income of this channel, its monthly income is about $ 28,000 and together with many sponsorships, this channel gets millions of dollars.

Fitness Blender

This channel is called husband and wife team; Operated by Daniel & Kelli, this family can get a complete family workout, exercise, and training. Subscribers on the Fitness Blender channel are not very much but their user engagement is very good.
Because of this, there is a lot of income on this channel and it is able to make its place in the list of the highest earning fitness channels in the world. The monthly income of Fitness Blender channel is about $ 27,000 and that is how much money is earned through direct promotion.

Scott Herman Fitness

This is one of the most famous channels for FAT LOSS, STRENGTH, or MUSCLE GAIN, and if you want 6 pack abs then Scott Herman fitness will be the right channel for you. There are complete gym training and workout connected to the bodybuilding on this channel and this is the secret of being popular on this channel.
Scott Herman channel is no less than earning money, and it earns approximately $ 17,000 per month from YouTube, and it also gets good earnings through all the promotions.

 Highest Paid YouTube Channel Of India

Guru Mann Fitness

Guru Mann is India’s most famous fitness trainer, which is famous for Diet, Gym training, Body Building. With this, it is India’s highest paid fitness Youtuber, which makes videos for T-series Health & Fitness and Guru Mann Fitness.
At this time, Guru Mann is the highest earning fitness trainer on YouTube, with no information about net worth, but earns about $ 11,000 per month from the Health & Fitness channel, along with thousands of protein, gym equipment etc. The sponsors meet by which their earnings are in the millions.

Rohit Khatri Fitness

If you are thinking of joining the gym, then it is best for you to be the Indian fitness channel list. Rohit Khatri is one of the fastest being channels where you can get health, diet, 6 pack ads, Bodybuilding, gym You can get to see related tips.
This channel is operated by Rohit Khatri and at present, there are more than 20 lakh subscribers, which play a very important role in making the channel popular. This channel earns about $ 2,000 to $ 22,000 per month from Youtube advertising, which is made of India’s highest-paid channel.


Health and Fitness Advice or better diet plan as well as fitness tips, then BeerBiceps channel will be fine for you. This is not just a fitness channel, here you will find all kinds of health and fitness related answers and you will get motivational videos.
BeerBiceps has more than 6 Million monthly views at this time so you can estimate its popularity. The monthly income of this channel is between $ 2,000 and $ 10,000, and with this much promotion gets the opportunity to earn.

Fitness Fighters

Who does not know about this channel if you want to make better bodybuilding without a gym, then Fitness Fighters channel is the best for you. Here you are told about home workout as well as the problem related to health, diet, and fitness.
These channels are best for bodybuilding in a natural way and you can make biceps, 6 pack abs by following the tips given by the house itself. Due to better Indian fitness tips, this channel is very popular and for this reason, it gets income from every monthly $ 1000 to $ 5,000.
Friends, these are the highest paid fitness channels, which are the most popular and earn the most by YouTube. If you also interested in the gym or bodybuilding, you can create a Free YouTube Channel and become a fitness model for the logo. This will fulfill your hobbies and you will get a good opportunity to earn money. If you have any suggestions about it, then you must comment.

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