Diet plan to gain weight

Diet plan to gain weight

Those who are obese keep thinking about weight loss and those who are thin, their problems keep increasing. It is not at all that obese people are most upset about losing their weight. There is no count of such people who take any prescription for weight gain. But their weight does not grow even after lakh attempts. If you are trying to gain weight, then you need diet charts to be thick.

Diet plan to gain weight
Diet plan to gain weight

To gain weight, it is important to consume more calories. This will help you grow your weight faster and your body will also be healthy. Today, we will tell you about the diet chart, which will be a combination of proteins, calories, fats, and vitamins for weight gain.

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Diet plan to gain weight

First meal – immediately after the morning

Put this habit now, that soon after the rise in the morning you have to drink some nutritious drinks, then you will be able to begin to gain weight. So if you do not want the stomach to empty immediately after rising in the morning, then adopt these two beverages. Drink one of this every day

What to take immediately after rising in the morning

Take the tea or cappuccino with fatty milk and sugar between 7-8 o’clock after rising in the morning.

Benefits of these beverages immediately after rising in the morning

  • There are black tea, green tea or any other flavor tea, all contain antioxidants that affect our body positively.
  • By making cappuccino with a glass of milk, your body will get 250 grams of calories and your body will also get a good amount of protein.
  • If you put 2 teaspoons in Chinese cappuccino or tea then your body will get 35 grams of calories. Your day will start with these important nutrients.

Second meal – breakfast

After tea, after the cappuccino, it is time to take breakfast. Always have breakfast, because it provides energy to do your whole day’s work. Also, to maintain the level of energy in the body, take protein and carbohydrate foods in breakfast. If you want to increase your weight, then try not to leave breakfast for even a single day.

What to take in breakfast –
Whenever you have breakfast between 8-9 Take these diets in breakfast –

  • Select one of these or change your diet daily
  • Two multigrain pieces of bread with butter and eggs or omelet.
  • Or a bowl of wheat flour or porridge.
  • Or, porridge khichadi with poha, upma, or lots of vegetables.
  • Or two roti or two stuffed parathas with vegetables
  • And a glass of fruit or fresh fruit juices.
Benefits to Increase the weight of these diet in breakfast –

  1. Fat in butter will help in increasing body weight. By eating two multigrain pieces of bread with eggs or omelet, you get 160 to 300 grams of calories your body.
  2. Krona flax contains high amounts of vitamins, proteins, and calories. By eating oats the body keeps healthy and the body also receives good energy. A good amount of protein is found in the team, which is very beneficial in increasing your body weight. You can make the Porridge sweet or salty according to your taste.
  3. Poha contains 270 grams of calories, which is highly beneficial in increasing your body weight. If you prefer pomace instead of poha, you can eat it too. It contains 322 calories, which is absolutely accurate to increase your body weight. As we have found, the protein is found in good quantity in the party. If you make it with plenty of green vegetables, then its calorie, protein, and vitamin levels will increase even more.
  4. Two grams (ghee) is mixed with vegetables and 200 grams of calories are found, and by eating two stuffed paratha juice, your body will receive a lot of protein, vitamins, and calories.

Third meal – 3-4 hours after breakfast

After breakfast, you can take a drink between 10 – 11 o’clock. But the one who nourishes your body and helps to gain weight gain.

What to take after 3-4 hours of breakfast –

Fatty milk or creamy grinders.

Benefits of increasing the weight of these beverages after breakfast –

  1. As we mentioned above, 250 gm of calories is found in a glass of milk, along with protein and calcium found in high quantities.
  2. If you drink creamy granola made from curd, you will also get fat along with calories which is extremely important in increasing your body weight. You can also take breakfast in the morning breakfast.
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Fourth Dinner – Lunch

To grow weight, the next part of the diet plan is lunch. By eating lunch, the level of the basal metabolic rate remains in the body. Between 12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch is not necessary. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can also eat chicken, fish, and mutton.

What to take in lunch –

  1. Two chapatis (ghee) and a small bowl of rice.
  2. A bowl of lentils (lentils, moongs, gram)
  3. Two pieces of chicken, a piece of fish, eggs or paneer.
  4. Cucumber, leaf cabbage, radish, carrot and tomatoes in a salad
  5. A small bowl of sweet curd
Advantages of Increasing the Food to Eat Lunch –

  1. If you eat 2 grams of ghee at lunch, your body will get 200 grams of calories and one cup of rice will get 150 grams of calories and plenty of protein.
  2. A bowl of any pulse will give you 150 grams of calories as well as plenty of protein in pulses, which will increase your body weight as well as become healthy.
  3. You are also non-vegetarian, so you have a choice other than Dal. Yes, you can also eat a bowl of fish, mutton or cheese in two pieces of chicken in lunch. Wherever the thin people are, the best way to eat non-veg is to go, because most of the proteins, vitamins, and fats are found in the same. There are 265 grams of calories found in paneer, which is highly effective in increasing your body weight.
  4. You can take many types of salads such as green leafy vegetables salad (green leafy vegetables such as spinach, gobi or leaf cabbage, cucumber, cucumber etc., green salad is a good source of vitamin B12), vegetable salad ( Vegetables other than green vegetables such as cucumbers, green chilies, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, radish, carrots etc.), you can take many such salads.
  5. Sugar and yogurt calories help to increase the weight of your body.

Fifth meal – Evening breakfast

It is necessary to take an evening snack between 4-5 hours after lunch ie i.e. 5:30 am to 6:30 pm, but it also has to be nutritious to help your body grow in weight.

What to take in the evening breakfast –

  1. Vegetable or chicken soup with butter.
  2. With sandwich cheese or mayonnaise.

Benefits of Eating Evening Snacks –

  1. You can make soup by mixing all the vegetables that can give nutrients to your body. Chicken soup is found in 100 grams of calories, which is highly beneficial for increasing your body weight.
  2. By taking sandwiches with cheese or mayonnaise, your body gets fresh energy again after 4-5 hours of lunch and your stomach is not left empty.

Seven Meal – Dinner

Between 8: 30-9: 30 pm whenever you have dinner. Your diet should always be nutritious and avoid any such thing that you cannot digest at night. Dinner should always try to eat 2.5 hours before sleeping. The food is digested well and there are no digestive problems.

What to eat at night –

Just eat the food as you ate lunch, do not just take rice.

Benefits of Increasing Dietary Weight in the Nightly Eating –

The advantages of this have been explained to you above.

Eighth meal – before sleeping

Do not forget to drink milk between 10:30 – 11 o’clock before sleeping.

Advantages of Increasing the Weight of Drinking  Before Sleeping –

Drink hot milk before sleeping at night, all the fatigue of the day goes away, and sleep also ends well with no interruption, which is very important in increasing your body weight. Stress and sleep do not stop the weight of the body, so drink hot milk before sleeping at night.

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