Buy car insurance online India 2019 cheapest price – MMT

Buy car insurance online India 2019 cheapest price – MMT

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Buy car insurance online India

Nimbu Mirchi can save you from only ‘bad eyesight’, even if you are a superb driver, insurance is necessary to save against unexpected and unlikely incidents. Car coverage in case of car accident cover of insurance owner up to 2 lakh.

A smart way to cover your car

Insurance is the smartest way to secure yourself and your car financially. Suppose, you have a 1-year standard hatchback whose insurance is Declared Value (IDV). 4,00,000, but if there is no car insurance and if your car is a “small risk” accident, then your estimated costs will be:

The cost of getting the car right

Front damage Rs 25,000
Windshield damage Rs. 6000
Bumper Damage Rs. 5000
Bonnet RS 6000
Fender Rescue Rs. 5000
Headlight RS 3000
Total Rs. 50,000

In the car insurance policy, you have to spend a certain premium

If you are injured in an accident, then car insurance does not help you pay medical bills, however
No car insurance = financial expense + emotional torture + stress – also best to avoid inconvenience
If the loss of property of the two parties is 7.5 lakh and in case of physical injury/death of the party, it will be taken in the tribunal, but if there is car insurance then the maximum sum insured amount on the personal accident cover of Rs. 2 lakhs

Nature of compensation

Death 100%
Lack of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye. 100%
Loss of one limb or sight of an eye 50%
Permanent Total Incompetence with injuries other than the above name. 100%
Credit by – Insurance Technical

Disclaimer: Please note that the above figures are approximate and only one standard will vary according to accident or loss, model of car making, and engine capacity.


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