Blast in Jammu today – MMT

Blast in Jammu today – MMT

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Blast in Jammu today 
Two grenades were thrown in Jammu, what is a grenade, a kind of bomb in which 28 people have been injured, CCTV footage released by the police

The incident of around 12:00 am is being said that in this incident 28 people injured in the condition of the injured thousands of people are present on the bus stand, said the CCTV footage being said that the terrorists will soon be caught

Blast in Jammu today

The police said that the grenade was on the bus stand, mostly injured bus drivers and conductor. It is not clear how many people were present inside the bus

According to the report of the news agency IANS
A senior police officer Manish Kumar Sinha told reporters that the grenade was rolled down in a vertical bus, which was blasted at 11.30 am
One eyewitness told the agency ANI that I felt that the tire was broken, but it was a big bang, the locals hurled the injured with ambulance to the hospital. “
So far 12 suspects have been caught in the Jammu bus stand grenade blast
This is the third grenade attack by terrorists in the city’s bus stand area since May last year.
A police officer told reporters, “The police are working on all the clues. We are collecting evidence and we will soon reach the terrorists.
This attack was carried out by the Indian Air Force one week after the attack on Jaish-e-Mohammed’s biggest terrorist camp in Balakot, Pakistan. Jams took responsibility for the February 14 attack, the security forces said that the group’s top order has been eliminated.
Wherever it is being said that despite this kind of input, there has been a big mistake of the security forces because the alert is going on since the Pulwama attack, and such incidents happen again and there is no guarantee of security is

 Jammu bus stand grenade blast today news

Local people also have to say that two grenades were thrown if a bus caught fire, enough people would be killed in the attack because there could be more buses in your grip.
Now the condition of four people is stated to be delicate, which has been taken to the local Jammu Hospital and Jitendra Singh PMO has said that the efforts will be made to catch the terrorists at the earliest.
There is also the statement of Owaisi, he said that the failure of the government is being seen as the government is from the BJP and such incidents are happening continuously.

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